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AS 531,4T MK Operating Manual

The Professional profile: stable and weight-optimized steel structure, reduced hand-arm vibration by the VibrationProtect damping system, high-performance engines - either as AS 2-stroke engine or B+S four-stroke engine.

The blade clutch stops the blade and the engine keeps on running. You can cross paths without any problems without affecting your environment by dangerous stone impact and without raising unpleasant dust.

When emptying the grass collecting bag, just disengage the blade and empty the bag without cutting the engine. This provides maximum safety and in addition engine re-start after blade stop has become obsolete too.

A unique operating concept: one hand controls the drive and blade clutch, whilst the other controls the speed which can be locked via Varioshift to allow for comfortable, steady propulsion.

Model Descriptions

AS 531/2T B MK Vario-Pro
AS 531/4T MK Vario-Pro

Cutting Width
53 cm.
53 cm.

AS 2-Stroke Engine Catalytic Converter, 165 ccm.
B+S 4-Stroke Engine 850 E Series I/C, 190 ccm

Rated Power
3.4 kW (4.6 hp) at 4,500 RPM
4.1 kW (5.5 hp) at 3,600 RPM

Max Engine Power
4.4 kw (6.0 hp) at 4,500 RPM
4.1 kw (5.5 hp) at 3,600 RPM

Wheel Drive Speed
Varioshift 3.0 - 4.5km/h
Varioshift 3.0 - 4.5km/h

Cutting Height Adjustment
By wheel 30 - 80 mm 6 Fold
By wheel 30-80 mm 6 fold

Weight Transport Dimensions / Operating Dimensions
56 kg, L 120/164cm W 60/52cm, H 71/99cm
52 kg, L 120/164 cm W 60/52 cm, H 71/99 cm

Product Features

AS 531 Vibration Protect

Vibration Protection

Through VibrationProtect and a rubber-supported V-bar handle mount vibrations are reduced to a minimum. (AS 531).

AS 531 Shock Absorption

Shock Absorption

Individually height adjustable wheels in combination with a spring steel axle and rubber buffer neutralize shocks.(AS 531).

AS 531 Varioshift


The speed adjuster can be locked via Varioshift which allows for comfortable, steady propulsion. (AS 531).

AS 531 Weight Distribution

Weight Distribution

Sophisticated stability and weight distribution for ergonomic handling and fatigue-reduced working.

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AS 531,4T MK Operating Manual