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ATM Allmäher® AS940 Sherpa

AS 940 Sherpa

You want to mow where even walking is difficult? The incline is too steep for you? Thick grass up to 1.5m in height and with scrub interspersed? All other mowers give up? Then there is only one solution: our AS 940 Sherpa.

Four-wheel drive, differential lock, cross blade cutting system, sturdy all-roand, self-supporting tubular frame and a whopping 22 hp at continious duty RPM . Our engineers have packed the best of over 50 years of experience in this machine. 100% "Made in Germany".

This makes us proud and our customers happy. For even more demanding missions, there is now the Sherpa also available in XL size - with larger wheels and thus with higher ground clearance.

Whether for professional or private use - the Allmäher® AS 940 Sherpa redefines safety on the slopes for tractor mowers. Its permanent four-wheel drive with differential lock ensures faithful directional stability when travelling along the slop and optimal braking downhill. Its hydrostatic drive makes the power and traction of the BIG BLOCK 724cc V twin engine powerfully felt.

The perfectly tuned cooling of the four-wheel drive transmission ensures maximum performance even under long-term professional operation. Its low equipment weight, the low point of gravity and not least, its stable and nevertheless foldable roll bar ensure the highest level of safety particularly when working on very hilly terrain.

Download AS-MOTOR AS940 Sherpa Operating Manual

AS940 Sherpa Blade System

Blade System

AS Brush cutter mowing deck with interchangeable, flexibly mounted blades cut and shred at the same time.

All Wheel Drive

All Wheel Drive

Permanent all wheel drive, better traction on up and downhill, more secure brake impact.

AS940 Sherpa Comfort Seat

Comfort Seat

Infinitely variable adjustable shell seat with innovative suspension system to ensure maximum legroom.

AS940 Sherpa Surfing Cutting Deck

Surfing Cutting Deck

The blade cover allows vertically evasive movements in uneven terrain, to protect the mower deck and provide greater ground clearance.

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ATM Allmher AS940 Sherpa
ATM Allmäher® AS940 Sherpa
ATM Allmäher® AS940 Sherpa
ATM Allmäher® AS940 Sherpa
ATM Allmäher® AS940 Sherpa
ATM Allmäher® AS940 Sherpa
ATM Allmäher® AS940 Sherpa

Technical Data



Dimensions (W/L/H in CM)

Accessories: Standard:

Saves time since there is no need for raking up mowed up grass and at additionally creates compost for the soil.

Accessories: Optional

The ideal addition for ride-ons AS 800 and AS 910/915. Loading area: : L = 1071 mm, W = 607 mm, H 274 mm. Maximum total weight: 100kg

Trailer Hitch

Snow Plow

Snow Chains

Download AS-MOTOR AS940 Sherpa Operating Manual