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Ride On Lawn Mowers For Sale

AS-MOTOR Ride on Mowers give you the pole position:

How can perfection be turned into something more comfortable? Simply by fitting a seat. But as we enlarged our Allmäher® family by the riding mowers, we of course did not want to do things the easy way. When you are mowing in high grass,weed, scrub and undergrowth, the riding mowers of AS-MOTOR are a highlight for everyone involved in landscape preservation. Because they feature a particularly low centre of gravity, a large wheelbase and a compact design, you can quickly and safely reach your destination when you are using a riding mower. Cutting and mulching follow the Allmäher® principle: no compromises.

The AS-MOTOR riding mowers are so robust and versatile that they are the best piece of equipment available: for industrial, municipal, agricultural or private use.