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AS 1040 YAK 4WD

Do you have uneven, rough and steep terrain? Are you looking for a mower that can shred grass up to 1.50m high as well as brush and young saplings?  Look no further the strong, robust and at home on difficult terrain – AS 1040 Yak 4WD with high work rates and built for even more safety is the one for you.

A S 1040 YAK 4WD Operating Manual


An upright bucket seat and comfortable legroom for operators up to 6'6" tall with lateral deflectors protect the operator from growth and thorns. 

Driving Comfort

The variable hydrostatic drive and one-hand drive lever, cruise control and integrated parking brake provides ease while working.


The permanent 4WD drive with on-demand limited slip differential for the rear axle provides the utmost in traction.  It comes with low pressure tyres with an aggressive tread.


The mower unit’s surfing suspension provides flexibility and  the height is easily adjusted through spring support.

AS 1040 YAK 4WD YouTube Video

AS 1040 YAK 4WD Specifications

Model: Ride-On AS 1040 YAK 4WD.
Cutting Width: 100cm (1000mm).
Engine: Briggs and Stratton 4 Stroke, 2 Cylinder Engine - Vanguard V-Twin 3864, 627 cm3.

Rated Power: 15.5 kw (21.1hp)
Maximum Engine Power: 17.2kw (23hp)

Wheel Drive Speed: Hydrostat variable.
- Forward: 0 - 6.8km/h.
- Reverse: 0 - 6.3km/h.

Cutting Height Adjustment: Central 30-110mm

Weight: 335kg
Length: 199cm (1990mm)
Width: 122cm (1220mm)
Height: 159cm (1590mm)

A S 1040 YAK 4WD Operating Manual